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As Polaris Adventures continues to grow and more outfitters are brought on, they wanted to ensure their brand has a unified presence no matter the adventure. Folklore was charged with creating a brand book to inspire outfitters and unite the brand experience.

The Brand Book gave us a chance to express and define the Polaris Adventures brand on all levels, while ensuring the outfitters and partners were aligned to their vision.

Paul - Executive Design Director

The Challenge

With so many outfitters and a growing brand, Polaris Adventures needed to ensure that any customer who choose a Polaris Adventure, had a consistent brand experience and any marketing left the right impression.


Folklore wanted to ensure that a printed brand book still conveyed the energy and the passion of the Polaris Adventures brand.

The Solution

Brand books are an essential tool for any brand and are typically the thing that people go back to day after day. Folklore designed a thorough book that highlighted everything from brand voice to photography standards.

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Polaris BB 2020 R8 6 Reduced 10
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When most people think of a brand book, they don't necessarily think of strategy. But Folklore believes that it is important for everyone involved in the brand to understand the brand vision. So our Folklore strategist worked together with the Polaris Adventures team to both outline the best approach for the book as well as help define the key takeaways for readers.

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Visual Design

The design of the brand book is as important as the details in it. The Folklore design team defined the brand through the elements of photography, fonts, color, iconography and custom patterns to convey the brand values in every detail.

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