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We love to push our partners forward and help them put the power of digital to work— inside and outside of their organizations. More than just products, our experiences build brand value that comes to life through websites, apps and just about anything else on a screen.

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Mike - Founder, CEO


Why Us?

No Siloes

We integrate all disciplines end-to-end for smarter ideas and stronger solutions.

Enhanced Process

Our process allows us to unite business strategy, content, design and development into extraordinary experiences.

Veteran Team

Our veteran team is nimble enough to stay quick and attentive, but strong enough to elevate Fortune 500, 100 and 10 partners.

Together We Solve

"Together We Solve" is our partnership model, and allows us to operate in real-time with transparency and authenticity.

The average American spends 7 hours and 4 minutes looking at a screen daily.

There’s no question that digital experiences are ingrained into the every day now.

And in order for these experiences to connect, we believe they must be: Relevant, Impactful, Seamless and Excellent.

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Our Team

Founder, CEO


If my cal­cu­la­tions are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious S***.

Team Headshot Mike
Mike Bio

Executive Director of Strategy, Partner


Everyday brings something new, a new problem to solve, a new site to explore or a new ad to enjoy.

Team Headshot Maggie
Maggie Bio

Co-Founder, Creative Director


What excites me most is when our work truly moves the needle for our clients’ business.

Team Headshot Jim
Jim Bio

Account Director


Businesses are made of people, and I like helping people succeed.

Gian Hill
Gian Hill Casual

Executive Director of Creative, Partner


It’s a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself. Makes you wonder what else you can do.

Team Headshot Paul
Paul Bio

Sr. Visual Designer


I love that we get to help our clients tell their story. It’s great to learn about their passions and bring their thoughts to life through visual design.

Team Headshot Kayla
Kayla Bio

Director of Technology


When determining a solution to a problem, I don’t think about elegance. I only consider how the problem can be solved.

Team Headshot Sean
Sean Bio

Creative Technologist


I’m fueled by an infinite curiosity for learning how to best use technology to build creative web experiences.

Team Headshot Irene
Irene Bio

Associate Director of Project Management


People over process. Learning over knowing. Progress over perfection.

Team Headshot Jeremy
Jeremy Bio

Junior Project Manager


I’m excited for the opportunity to con­tin­u­ous­ly change and be changed by the digital space.

Team Photos Moyo
Moyo Photos

Executive Director of Finance


Growth is found at the inter­sec­tion of humility and effort.

Fjelsted Mark
Fjelsted Mark Casual

UX Designer


Lead with empathy.

Team Headshot Missy
Missy Bio

Creative Technologist


I get to do what I love everyday…problem solve, and working in a small team allows for greater collaboration.

Portrait tyler
Tyler Bio

Technical Project Manager


To be a project manager is to venture into the unknown, experience the thrill of discovery, and create a path forward.

Team Headshot Corey
Corey Bio

Associate Director of Human Resource


I love working in a place where everyone feels heard. All voices matter here because col­lab­o­ra­tion is key to who we are.

Team Headshot Ashley
Ashley Bio

Visual Designer


We get to move parts that move businesses while we’re on the moves ourselves. I’m happy to be a part of it.

Michael Carreon
Michael Carreon Casual

Visual Designer


My passion for design stems in the ability to solve real-world problems through artistic solutions.

Kyle Johnson
Kyle Mountain Bike

Sr. UX Designer


My overall goal is to help improve people’s lives in any way I can through better under­stand­ing and experiences.

Team Headshot Robert

Business Development Director


I get excited about the idea of building things from the ground up! Whether it’s our client projects or Folklore as a business itself!

Team Headshot Stephen
Stephen Bio



Thinking with vision and imagination has the power to generate previously unfound energy.

Team Headshot Andreas
Andreas Bio

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