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ReadySet by Allianz
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Putting financial
security in your hands

Folklore helped launch ReadySet with a full consumer marketing campaign supported by focus groups and a phased, test & learn creative rollout.


I think part of the success of this campaign was due to the upfront consumer research, it helped to ensure that the message resonated with the audience.

Maggie - VP of Strategy

The Challenge

The Allianz team had a new and complicated product to introduce, ReadySet. They weren’t sure how to bring it to market in a way that enticed and educated a skeptical audience.


The audience was older and uncertain when it came to annuities since they’d been failed by insurance companies in the past. They wanted more control over their financial future, so they could handle their finances their way.

The Solution

To appeal to this audience and introduce the new product, we had to drive interest for this approach to financial management and build brand trust. We were able to create a holistic campaign through a test and learn philosophy, that built awareness through a humbling and inclusive approach.

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07 Focus Group Research

Focus Group

Since this initiative from Allianz was new and the audience wasn’t familiar with the value of ReadySet, it was important to begin building the foundation for trust and inspire the audience to learn more about the product. We conducted focus groups to learn what would spark the audiences’ inspiration and learn what language they were using to talk about the topic.

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Soft Launch

With the insight from the focus group, we concepted and tested different approaches to ensure the ReadySet brand was communicating with the audience how they wanted to be talked to. Audiences in Minneapolis, Seattle and Atlanta areas were targeted to gain more insight into how they would react to the messaging, layouts and visuals from the ads, as well as what CTAs drove action.

With a name like ReadySet, there were a lot of options but ReadySet Go, was a hard thing not to say. But we knew their audience wanted to do more than just “GO” and that the ReadySet experience would allow for them to thrive in retirement.

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10 Results

Hard Launch

ReadySet...became the holistic campaign that could live across multiple channels and support the various goals that the customer base wanted from this new offering. The optimized feel of the campaign reflected the exploratory attitude of the audience in a way that was empowering, and encouraged them to take control of their financial future.

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90% video completion rates on Facebook

138% conversion rate YoY

Drive strong customer acquisition through over 35 million impressions in just two months

Over 59 Million impressions

76K clicks on ads

55K + site visitors

80% brand lift for ReadySet

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