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From the Shadows to the Spotlight

Folklore helps Scotty Cameron launch the all-new 2024 Phantom lineup.


Working with the Scotty Cameron team is always fun. They bring the best products to market, and we enjoy bringing the best design to their website.

Mike - Founder, CEO


Scotty Cameron has a long and iconic history of making some of the best putters on planet earth. For their latest product-launch, they wanted to break the mold once again and asked Folklore to do something new, with something familiar.


Their new putter line, The Phantom, was actually the rebirth of a legacy line for a brand new era. With an all-new alignment-infused design, we wanted to create an interaction where these one-of-a-kind options would jump off the screen and stick in the mind.


First, we gave the viewer a 3D scrolling experience that highlights the elegance of each alignment option and puts each unique advantage on the center stage. From there, our developers leveraged GSAP DrawSVG in combination with ScrollTrigger (and a touch of ScrollSmoother) to create a buttery smooth experience and incredibly immersive experience.


The end result? A truly one-of-a-kind digital experience that spotlights the brand new technology as well as the rebirth of a celebrated line used by top tour professionals.

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Partner Acknowledgment

Scotty Cameron has an incredibly talented internal marketing and development team that we worked with to bring this experience to life.

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