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Polaris Adventures needed a website to help launch their new experience offering. This was a brand new business segment that was partnering with local outfitters to give people safe, memorable adventures. Folklore needed to create a website that could both inspire and educate as this new-to-market offering had never been done before.


When determing a solution to a problem, I don’t think about elegance. I only consider how the problem can be solved. However, once it’s solved, if the solution isn’t elegant, it’s not correct.

Sean - Director of Technology

The Challenge

Polaris Adventures needed to transition their website from a focus on marketing to driving conversion in order to meet the needs of their growing business.


The audience was hungry to explore the outdoors, but they wanted a more approachable adventure, something that offered all the trills with all the ease of a day at the beach.

The Solution

In order to clear the confusion, we created a site that was an informative and approachable experience to help guide users while they explored the site. Based on the marketing site, we knew how people were looking for adventures and evolved the site experience to better guide them to the adventure best fit for them.

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While easily finding what they were looking for was critical to the experience, the site also needed to give users the right information to inspire and educate them no matter where they wanted to go or how familiar they were with the brand. Since users were most interested in locations, we developed more content to inspire travel to destinations where adventures were offered, in addition to sharing more about the history of the brand and their mission.

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User Experience

Clarity started with how users were navigating the site. We organized the information architecture based on how users were already navigating the marketing site, as well as utilizing common nomenclature used in experience tourism.

The insights into how users navigated the site were also used to inform the addition of an interactive map. Whether a user was just browsing for destinations or knew the exact vehicle they wanted to drive, they were able to easily filter and find what they were looking for and book their next opportunity for adventure.

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Visual Design

There is no shortage of beauty in the outdoors. We wanted all of the imagery on the site to reflect the awe of being outside to not only inspire, but show all of the possibilities for exploration when they went on an adventure.

To accommodate the uniqueness of each outfitter and adventure, we also developed a design system that brought the same freedom and flexibility as choosing your own route on an adventure in the site experience. This allowed users to continually be inspired and explore throughout the site and provide ease to scale for the business as their outfitter network expanded. The system worked dynamically with the data structure in the back end so the right information would be presented purposefully across the site.

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Just like planning an adventure, many elements went into developing the site on Wordpress. We built and integrated features within the client's CMS as well as adjusted Airtable to allow different content to be pulled into the different design elements on the frontend, resulting in an efficient, scalable and dynamic content management process, flexible data structure and easy exploration.

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