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Land O'Lakes
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An All Together
Better campaign

As a farmer-owned cooperative, Land O'Lakes was looking to spread positivity, their story and all the recipes their butter that are made better with their products.


Food is at the center of some of life's best moments, and so bringing awareness to the farmer-owner stories behind those moments has been one of my favorite challenges at Folklore.

Jim - Co-Founder, Account Director

The Challenge

Land O’Lakes wanted to connect with a younger audience while creating a consistent brand identity across their channels.


The audience desired more from the food they bought than just good taste. They wanted to know the whole story, from who was making it and what went into it to.

The Solution

We created an engaging and educational marketing campaign across social channels and email to inform, engage, and clarify what Land O’Lakes’ stands for under the All Together Better campaign position.

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The food market on social media is saturated, so it was important to determine how Land O’Lakes’ commitment to ingenuity and quality fit within the scrumptious landscape. The direction for the marketing campaign was inspired by the farmers who make up the co-op, as well as the pride in the products they produce to differentiate from just sharing tasty recipes.

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Land O’Lakes was already creating food photography with a bright and clean feel, so we built off of the modern look creating micro-experiences that felt fresh feel across channels. We wanted the campaign to reflect the fun, flexibility and simplicity of cooking and baking with their products.

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The test and learn approach to messaging, visuals and content types was key to ensuring we hit the right stride with the desired audience. The testing insights were used to help continually optimize ads and emails to keep bringing recipes, farmer stories and inspiration to the table.

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