Capri Blue

Where fashion meets fragrance.

For over 20 years, Capri Blue have been masters and mavens of their craft. But, even with that legacy behind them, they had eCommerce and brand recognition problems getting in the way. That’s why they tasked Folklore with bringing smart and fashionable together. Here’s how we helped them create the total package.


Update visual and verbal identity to reflect the bold, playful, style-conscious heart of the Capri Blue, and make purchasing more simple and comprehensive.


We created a voice and visual language that was unique to each fragrance, look, and product type while also creating a more intuitive product taxonomy and purchase path for the new .com.


A unified brand representation that resonates with key audiences in all touchpoints, and a purchasing experience that substantially increase conversion and simplified purchasing.

STRATEGIC VISION: We not only focused on solidifying the brand’s vision, mission and purpose, but we also determined the right approach for becoming both a place of inspiration, and the epitome of industry-leading experience.


BRAND IDENTITY: We reinforced the idea that Capri Blue sees itself as a fashion-inspired company, not just a candle company. As such, we gave each product line its own visual & verbal identity, and created a completely new library of assets.

cb branding
brand 2
CB 3
CB 4

TAILORED EXPERIENCES: Through two distinct user pathways, we created tailored experiences focused on either purchase or exploration. This enabled us to solve the two main business objectives without it ever feeling forced upon the user.

COLLABORATIVE DEVELOPMENT: Our developers worked hand in hand with the client’s back-end engineers to ensure that the final product not only looked great, but also functioned flawlessly. Plus, we helped educated those that will be managing the website on how to make the system sustainable for years to come.

Visit the live site here: Capri Blue Website

flkr-cb-6 copy
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