Lymber Fitness

The benefits of membership without the commitment.

For an industry that’s always changing, the way in which we pay for fitness services has remained untouched — the dreaded monthly memberships. Lymber understood that this was a major pain point for studios and customers alike, so it sought out to break down the financial, social and motivational barriers of fitness. Here’s how we helped them do just that.


Create a brand and app experience that differentiate Lymber’s service and empowers users to pursue a more active lifestyle.


A holistic brand experience that represents the flexibility, freedom and simplicity of Lymber’s at every turn.


Shifted the model of fitness aggregators to get people to do one simple thing: exercise more often, and on their terms.

Brand Identity. Through extensive exploration, we designed and implemented virtually all brand elements. Logos, typography, colors, imagery, voice & tone — if you can think of it, we did it.

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