Rock the Garden

One hell of an opening act.

As aspiring rock stars ourselves, we we’re beyond excited to collaborate with some actual ones for the .com rebuild of Rock the Garden, Minnesota’s largest music festival. Aside from looking dead sexy, this site also had to work harder than a veteran roadie, as it was the first year they used a website to promote the concert and sell tickets. Here’s how we warmed up the big show.


Create a website that embodied the Rock the Garden brand, promotes the lineup of bands, and streamlined purchasing.


We utilized a component build methodology to create a framework that could be used indefinitely. And we took a cycle-based approach to content (pre-launch, launch, event, and post event) to deliver the most relevant info to users.


Everything from concept to development was world class, and done in less than 30 days. Oh, and thanks to our simplified purchasing experience, this year’s event sold out even faster than any other year.

Dynamic content: Just like the perfect set list, this website gives the people what they want, when they want it. Out of the gate we focused on sales, then we switched the spotlight to the headlining acts, and then for our finale we focused on event details. Once it was all said and done, we then used the site as an editorial recap of a show that was one in a million.

Embracing reinvention: The perfect songs have real staying power; the same is true for a website. Through our component build methodology, the framework we created is flexible enough to work with any brand direction for years to come.