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When your workforce is completely on the move, it can be hard to a keep an eye on their progress. NovaFleet saw this problem for managers everywhere, and asked Folklore to help them do something about it. Our route to success was Ctrack by Inseego, a web-based application designed to help companies guide their entire fleet of trucks from one central location. Here’s how we got this project up and running.


Develop an easy-to- use interface for C Track by Inseego that gives dispatchers and drivers access to relevant, live information on a desktop or mobile device.


Capture and deliver the most relevant information for a job through a web-based app for dispatchers and a mobile app for truck drivers— improving safety, efficiency, and accountability for both audiences.


Guaranteed delivery, tracking, and reception of data and information to a minimum of 90% of the users, 90% of the time. During user acceptance testing, users gave high scores on ease of use and how intuitive Ctrack from Inseego was to use. Today there is a continued increase in subscriptions and renewals to the Ctrack service.

Proactive Insights: Through smarter data collection and intelligence, businesses can see common trends and behaviors in their fleets and make proactive adjustments that protect their bottom line.

Enhanced User Interface: While the web application and the mobile app highlight different information, they both maintain a consistent look and feel that was unique to Ctrack from Inseego.

Seamless User Experience: By optimizing the user experience, dispatchers found it easier to fulfil last-minute service requests. Not to mention, drivers appreciated getting the timely info they needed to stay on track.

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