Minneapolis Glass

A cut above the rest.

Since the 1940’s, Minneapolis Glass Company has been the premier residential, commercial, and manufacturing glass provider for the Midwest. But, when you’re pushing 80 the web can be a new and scary place. That’s why MGC asked us to help them create a new website that was both easier for their time-starved clientele to place orders, and easier for their busy employees to convert leads. Here’s how we got the job done.


Create a new website that features more organized content, utilizes customer segmentation, and the can be easily updated with new content.


We developed a consistent visual language and naming convention, along with three distinct customer segments, to deliver a better user experience while giving MGC the flexibility to update content easily.


Online leads increased five-fold, there was an over 25% conversion rate, and time on site went through the roof. Not to mention the modular approach we established made it easier for MGC to edit and add new content.

Brand Identity: In order to create one of the most stunning websites in the industry, we also had to help MGC develop consistent branding across their entire online ecosystem. We also did the same any sub brand, such as Chroma, their proprietary back painted glass offering.

mgc logos-01
mgc logos chroma

Modular Design: As to go-to source for glass in the Midwest, MGC never stands still. With that being the case, we established a design system that makes updating content the website easy, without sacrificing sophistication.

Modernized Lead Generation: The new generation of employees at MGC wanted to move away from rolodexes and black books, and move towards more efficient lead generation. That’s why we tied our new website to a CRM that helped the crew automatically track leads, customize orders online, and quickly close deals.

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